Helping adoptees and people of unknown parentage (re)discover their roots through modern DNA testing and traditional genealogy –– so that they can (re)connect with their biological family, and finally

complete the picture of who they are.


DNA DAVIS (aka Carla Davis) is a Genetic Genealogist with a passion for connecting families™ –– one strand at a time.

Carla brings 15+ years as a genealogical research hobbyist and 4+ years of using DNA testing to identify specific lines of descent to help unique people who are searching for their roots. 

Adoptees. Donor Conceived. Foundlings. Misattributed Parentage Events (MPE). Unknown Parentage.  



Carl Sagan said,

“You have to know the past to understand the present.”

So, let’s start from


I understand how difficult it can be to feel fragmented, torn apart, like a piece of you is missing by not knowing your biological origins because that was me before I became a genetic genealogist.

Instead of being sent to a home for unwed mothers, my mother stayed with her parents. Once I was born, they adopted me. Over the next five years, tragedy struck. Two separate auto-accidents claimed the lives of my grandfather and my mother. The impact of that loss was felt years later when trying to discover the other half my identity, only to learn the one person (my mom) that could answer those questions was gone.

I felt like a piece of me –– half, to be exact –– would be forever missing.


Starting my own family magnified my desire to know more about my paternal roots. I took a bold step and hired a private investigator in my home state (one that I still work with today on many cases).

His thorough approach was impressive. He meticulously interviewed friends and acquaintances of my mother, one by one, and came up with a list of possible candidates, but unfortunately, no concrete answers.

I felt defeated –– again.

But I didn’t give up. I turned to DNA testing and genealogy websites to keep searching. When the results posted, I was overwhelmed with the information and knew to make sense of those results I needed to learn more. I spent countless hours learning from pioneers in the field, attending conferences, reading blogs, and books. Then, I applied that knowledge. With only third cousin matches, I was able to reverse-engineer their family trees to find the common ancestors among the clusters of shared matches and bring those lines forward until one name stood out as a potential candidate.

Sadly, he passed in 2005, but hope was not lost. He had one sibling –– a brother. To confirm my theory, I needed him to take a DNA test. I reached out to my potential uncle, and he agreed to test. 

In November 2016, the results posted –– I had finally found my birth family!


Connecting with extended family and hearing their stories of my father allowed me to find a piece of him and a piece of me

The experience of being (re)connected with a long-lost half of my identity was one of the most pivotal moments of my life. The road of discovery ignited a passion. I learned that I love the thrill of putting the flesh back on the bones of my ancestors by learning their story.

Discovering the other half of me and solving the 150-year-old mystery that had plagued my family for multiple generations (that’s a whole other story I’d be happy to tell you sometime) through DNA led me into the field of genetic genealogy.

I have been reuniting people of unknown parentage with their biological families by combining modern DNA testing and traditional genealogy ever since.


Carla Davis is a self-taught genetic genealogist and is known as the family connector. She has helped hundreds of adoptees and people of unknown parentage find their birth families through genetic testing.

She is a graduate of Boston University’s Genealogical Research Certificate program and a member of the American Adoption Congress (AAC), Association of Professional Genealogists (APG), and the National Genealogical Society (NGS).

Helping others searching for lost parts of their identity has become a passion for me, and I’m dedicated to helping others use DNA and genealogy to

(re)connect with their family trees.

It’s an amazing feeling when after thirty-six years of searching, you get the pieces of the puzzle and can finally see the big picture. I now know where I come from thanks to Carla Davis. Her knowledge of DNA and the Pennsylvania law made it possible for me to receive a non-certified copy of my original birth certificate, which listed both names of my biological parents. I couldn’t have done this without Carla’s experience and hard work.

Rob McKinnell

Being an adoptee, I had a horrible hole in my heart that I lived with for seventy-three years. I often wondered, “Who am I,” but thanks to Carla I now know. She took me under her wing and made magic happen when she used DNA to connect the dots and find my birth family. My uncle once told me, “nothing is hidden, you just need to know which rock to turn over.” Carla knows the rocks to turn over.

Ann Patterson

As soon as my DNA results posted, Carla immediately identified my paternal great-great-grandparents. She even discovered actual pictures. Through her unique process, she found my birth family. I now have a full family tree traced back to the early 1800’s and six half-siblings that I’m getting to know. None of this would have been possible without Carla and her knowledge of DNA.

Dawn Harris

In a short amount of time, Carla was able to quickly analyze the DNA results of an adoptee I was helping and provide me with initial surnames. To establish common ancestors among matches, she created a mirror tree, which gave me a clear path to follow. I was impressed to see the end result match up with Carla’s initial work. I couldn’t have gotten as far as I did without her know how.

Marsha Richardson

To learn how I can help you complete 

the picture of who you are

To learn how I can help you complete

the picture of who you are